Why an Anti-Supplement Blog is Great Click-Bait

Why Anti-Supplement Blogging Makes For Great Click-bait

Sensationalized articles about the dangers of supplements are becoming an epidemic throughout the internet. This trend of spreading fear and misinformation benefits bloggers, advertisers, and drug companies, all the while hurting consumers. Find out why nutritional supplements receive so much much negative press compared to their more intrusive pharmaceutical alternatives, and learn about how we are thriving despite this.

Don't Eat Your Feelings This Holiday Season

Don’t Eat Your Feelings This Holiday Season

Do you travel to see relatives or friends for the holiday season? Does being around family bring up past stressors/traumas? Do you feel guilty or embarrassed not partaking in holiday traditions that no longer fit with your lifestyle (these may include but are not limited to- eating home cooked dinner rolls, Grandma’s pecan pie, or Aunt Sue’s famous stuffing and possibly drinking alcohol)?

BOO! What Scares You About Pursuing Your Health?

BOO! What Scares You About Pursuing Your Health?

Do you desire to feel better but afraid of what that journey might look like or entail? The truth is that the road to true optimal health and well-being, what we would call your MaxWell, is multifactorial and encompasses many areas of life. Even people that seek us out realize that they are hoping the answer is an easy diagnosis followed by a quick fix and a pill to swallow.