What is MaxWell?

MaxWell is the fullest possible expression of brain, body and being potential that best maximizes the pursuit of your dreams and the fulfillment of your life’s purpose.

Mission of MaxWell Clinic

The mission of MaxWell Clinic is to create maximum wellness in one unique patient at a time. Since each person that comes to the clinic is environmentally and genetically distinct, we need a place in which to learn about how best to work with that uniqueness. This is not taught in medical schools. It’s that next level of healthcare:

  • Integrative
  • Investigative
  • Interpersonal
  • Interventional
What We Treat

Patients come to MaxWell Clinic from all over the United States and world for treatment of a wide range of dysfunction. Ultimately, we focus on the person rather than the disease. That can be confusing in a world where we’ve been brainwashed by the marketing of disease names. For example, if you have osteoarthritis, you may be told that you need a particular anti-inflammatory (trademarked product). However, osteoarthritis is not caused by a drug deficiency – yes that is obvious, but if that is so, it is also obvious that using that drug will not fundamentally FIX the cause that started the problem in the first place. Instead, we should ask: What is osteoarthritis? Osteo =bone, arthr = joint, itis=inflammation. Then ask: WHY do you have inflammation? This question begins the process of functional medicine, which is not the medicine of what but the medicine of why. Thus, we do not have a defined list of diseases that we treat, rather, we treat the people who are experiencing symptoms, which may or may not fall under a specific definition of disease. As we treat the person, we are successful in treating a vast majority of symptoms because we are looking at fundamental underlying processes that tie together most dysfunction. Our philosophy is that diseases do not really exist. Diagnoses means to know through and through. When you name a disease you often abandon the pursuit of knowing the person. You put them on an accepted protocol and may not pay attention to all of the confounding factors caused by that person’s uniqueness.

MaxWell Clinic Services

Functional Primary Care is the marriage of Functional Medicine & Primary Care. Primary Care is thought of as the first point of contact for your medical & health needs. It is where you are supposed to receive preventive care & health education. The problem is that Traditional Primary Care often lacks a philosophy & method to find & address the underlying causes of disease.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replenishment Therapy. Hormones are molecules of communication. When there are imbalances among your many hormones (over 100) then you are not communicating with yourself in a way that creates health. There are three big categories: stress, thyroid and sex hormones.

IV Nutritional Therapy. The IV administration of nutrients bypasses the difficulties of the absorption in the gut. We do not get to see our bowel and understand how is it functioning. Malabsorption is a much more common problem than most people are aware.

Brain Health Evaluations. We are living in a new era that recognizes brain health is THE key to high quality of life. If your brain is not at its maximum function you are impaired by challenges of mood, anxiety , attention, memory, pain, insomnia, and/or addiction.

Neurofeedback is physical therapy for the brain. We can train the brain to become more efficient in its actions and thereby decrease many symptoms of brain dysfunction such as depression, anxiety, poor attention, processing of information…

Allergy Freedom. Allergies cause a tremendous amount of distress in the people affected by them. An allergy is an inappropriate immune response to something the body should consider benign. Allergies come in many flavors from very severe food allergies, to insect bites…

Functional Medicine Advanced Testing Services. Dr. Haase is on the faculty at the Institute for Functional Medicine, the founding organization of the functional medicine movement. One of the hallmarks of functional medicine is a deep desire to find the underlying cause of illness.

Targeted Nutritional Supplementation. We know there is the tremendous power for the creation of health contained in the foods we eat. Food is not just energy but it contains the raw materials necessary to build our body. Food is also information as the compounds in what we eat interact with our genes and signal the body into action.

Shape, Weight and Metabolic Optimization. The word detoxification is an often misused term in the world of healthcare marketing. Detoxification is a very specific process that consumes a large amount of metabolic energy for the body every day.

Metabolic Detoxification. The word detoxification is an often misused term in the world of healthcare marketing. Detoxification is a very specific process that consumes a large amount of metabolic energy for the body every day.

Deep Dive- Specialty Functional Medicine Consultations. Occasionally there are patients who because of the severity and complexity of their symptoms or their passion to reach their maximum health potential in a context of the latest innovations in health creation…


I’m a 63 year old, Wife, Mother and Grandmother, with only One Wish, when I went to Maxwell Clinic, I asked to feel 20 years old again, not to look or act 20 but to feel 20 again.
After only four weeks, I feel that I’m well on my way. As a Business Woman and Avid Gardner with many hobbies, including bicycling and horseback riding. I feel Dr. Haase has me well on my way to being healthy and active again with only a minimum amount of time each week. I feel better than I have in years. Thank you Dr. Haase.

JoAnn T, Fayetteville, Tennessee

Dr. Haase, I don’t know how to say thanks. You have no idea what it’s like to get my memory back and feel normal again. I wake up everyday and thank the Lord for you. Most doctors wouldn’t have found the root cause – but you are so thorough and so gifted! I am so grateful to you and so fortunate to have you as my partner in healthcare! (now if you could just do something to improve my handwriting! 🙂 )

Brett R, Tennessee

Two years ago I had a hysterectomy. My GYN told me afterwards he would give me hormone supplements and they would make me feel better, more mellow and would help my stress levels. I was not able to take the hormones they made me feel weird and severely depressed. I really did not want to live anymore, I felt like half a woman. He told me I had issues and I needed to see a Psychiatrist. My regular MD referred me to a compounding pharmacist and he did his best to help to no avail, and he referred me to Dr Haase. With Dr. Haase’s wisdom and compassion he has helped me tremendously. He was a great listener when everyone else refused to hear. He did not make me think I was crazy. He gave me reassurance and hope that everything would be okay. I am a different person today because of Dr. Haase, he will never know how much his kind words and his great knowledge has meant to me.

R.R, Tennessee

In April I walked into Dr. Haase’s office so ill that I thought I would not be able to continue my job. The chronic and severe abdominal pain I had been experiencing for at least two yrs had taken its toll. Dr. Haase listened intently as I described my physical challenges and then began asking questions never before asked of me, honing in on such things as my lifestyle. I knew immediately that his approach was unique and deliberate.

Another of his unique characteristics is his desire that you understand why your body is acting the way it is and why he is prescribing what he’s prescribing, whether it’s labs, change in diet – whatever. I must say I have never witnessed a doctor take such joy in helping others get well and remain well. Within 6 months of my first visit I literally felt as if I had been given my life back. I received an understanding of what was going on with my body and that there was always hope for changing the situation. One striking moment for me during the process of my (drug free!) treatment/healing was when I was enthusiastically telling Dr. Haase that I was so happy and doing so well with “very little pain” to which he replied, “Little pain? You shouldn’t have ANY pain!” We learn to live with pain and take on the mindset that it’s “just the way it is for me”. Dr. Haase has taught me that we should not and need not live with pain – “not even a little”. I am so grateful to have the doctor so many are looking for; one that doesn’t give up until he sees results. If you have the desire to be well, Dr, Haase will walk you down that road to wellness.

Renee R, Tennessee

Today, Sachi had her first appointment with her primary care family practitioner since April 2008. That was when her A1c was at 8.2H, now 6.5 . Her cholesterol was sky high with high blood pressure. Sachi was fed up being a illness victim and volunteered herself to doing something to take control of her health and well being. Hello Maxwell Clinic. Today her Primary care Physician could only stare at her lab results and charts while talking into his recorder and saying, “Amazing. I don’t know what you did, but keep on doing it. Don’t change a thing. He had excitement in his voice and eyes. The Doctor was clearly proud of his patient. “What are the supplements? What are you taking for Diabetes? For Lipids, Your BP in Dr office setting is 102 / 81 with no murmur. Amazing! Just look at those triglycerides and HDLs, all in range. Don’t change whatever you are doing. GOD bless and thank you DR Haase and team.

Sajiko & Tom , Tennessee

Dr. Haase is a fantastic health care provider. Never have I been to the doctor where they actually want to know YOU! He sets aside a 2 hour window for your first visit, and before you even come through the door for your appointment, he has you fill out a comprehensive health packet. To come, that may seem over the top, but he’s not your average physician. He cares about your WHOLE health, not just “putting a bandaid on a symptom”. He is in network for most insurances, but he practices Functional medicine (part holistic, part conventional), so some insurances don’t cover every test or lab he wants to do for you. If you are sick of the “cattle drive” of conventional medicine and are willing to spend a little money on your health, book an appointment with him ASAP.

Chelsi B
Chelsi B.
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